Monday, June 27, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away - Monday Trivia

Refreshing, messy, life-giving, sometimes destructive . . . We're seeing a lot of rain and flooding around these parts lately.  While often refreshing, at times it's been a frustration.  I was thinking this morning, while watching more rain out my window, that perhaps it is a good day for a little trivia about rain, that gift we've been blessed with lately.

What exactly is rain anyway?  Of course we all know that it must be that liquid precipitation that falls from the sky, randomly, at the most inopportune time and drenches our new outfit, the library books we just checked out, the daily mail and  our perfectly styled hair.  But rain/RAIN can be soo much more . . . 

To find out more about the wet stuff click here to go to Weather Wiz Kids where you'll find weather information for kids.   This is a really fun site where you can go to learn about rain, floods, tornadoes, other weather terms and weather forecasting.  You'll find weather experiments, games (including memory, word search, maze, word jumble, crossword and more), flashcards, folklore, weather instruments, optical illusions, links and more.  Hey moms, there are even Lesson Plans and Science Fair ideas!  By the way Q - "What did one raindrop say to the other?"  A - "My plop is bigger than your plop."

Why not check out some of these other interesting resources about RAIN/rain :

*In Indiana RAIN (Ride Across INdiana) is an annual ride across the state of Indiana, sponsored by Bloomington Bicycle Club.  The 160 mile ride runs along the Historical National Route 40.  For more information click here or write to the club at Bloomington Bicycle Club, P.O. Box 463, Bloomington, IN, 47402

*In North Carolina RAIN is the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network.  This network provides resources and links for testing, specialized infectious disease clinics, food and shelter assistance, and medical and mental health support as well as clergy resources and minority programs.  For more information click here  or you can contact RAIN at :
RAIN, Inc., PO Box 37190, Charlotte, NC 28237 or (704)372-RAIN (7246)

*In South Korea Rain is a pop and R&B singer, dancer, model, actor, businessman, and designer.  To see more click here .

*While I like to listen to the pitter patter of gently rain, there's a completely different sort of sound at the RAIN you'll find here .  Visit this site where Kurt Hanson provides the daily Radio And Internet News to see what's happening today.

Here's hoping the rain is refreshing and not too annoying today!  Blessings!

"You heavens above, rain down righteousness; let the clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide, let salvation spring up, let righteousness grow with it; I, the LORD, have created it." (NIV)

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Rebecca said...

Stopping by and I hop around the Crew...I'm a newbie this year and LOVE your sweet blog!

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