About Me

Hi.  I'm Roberta Peavey from Euclid, MN.  I have 2 wonderful blessings, Gennifer, 13, and Joshua, 5, and one wonderful "mountain man" husband, Steve.  We've been married 22 years and homeschooling for about 9 years.

We live on an old farmstead and enjoy the outdoors, camping, blackpowder fur trade reenactment, sewing and numerous crafts.  In my world there is not enough purple or enough chocolate.  There will never be enough bookshelves. 

We do an eclectic/relaxed, Charlotte Mason/unschooling mix.  We love books, libraries, Paperback Swap, and living the frugal life.

One of my greatest convictions over the years has been that God wants me home to teach my children.  That's quite a change from my career training in medical records administration and law.  When the Father gives you blessings you go with His plan!  Don't regret a minute of it.

Favorite color - purple
Favorite author - Ted Dekker
Favorite music - Christian, oldies ( I refuse to say from when as that would date me.)
Most interesting thing I found out about myself over the years - related to the King of Norway
Dry humor, with a splash of silly.
Veggietales, Disney, NCIS, Criminal Minds, House, Numbers are favorites.


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