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See the Light - Art Class DVDs - A TOS Review

See The Light - Drawing Children To Him
Art Class DVDs
Volumes 1-9

$99.99 for set of 9 volumes (not sold individually)

Master Artist, Pat Knepley
Parking Lot Productions
2010 Legacy 4 God Publishing, LLC

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Lately we've been trying something new for art, Art Class DVDs by See The Light Shine, with Master Artist Pat Knepley.  Pat has a degree and teaching credential in Art Education from Penn State and works as a Director of Children's Ministries in her church.  Let me tell you a bit about this fun art program. 

Pat takes the student through each lesson with an easy to follow, step-by-step, approach.  While teaching the various lessons Pat also blends in scripture which pertains to the lesson, to allow the student to look at art from a whole new perspective.  The lessons are short (about 15 minutes each), easy, and appropriate for elementary students (targeted for ages 6-10) right up through secondary ages (if the secondary child has not had art lessons).  Pat is very animated, positive and engaging.  If you're looking for a program to get your kids excited about learning to draw you should really consider checking these out.

***The Art Class is also available for $10 per month as an online subscription. This is a great option if you can't afford the 9 volumes as a set. (As noted above, the DVDs are only sold as a set for $99.99. They are not available individually.) With your initial subscription you receive access to the first four lessons. Each month thereafter your subscription provides the following four lessons while still giving you access to all the lessons you've already completed.

The programs consists of 9 volumes, each of which contains 4 lessons. (A bonus lesson is included in each of the first 3 volumes.)  Here's what you'll find on each one:

Volume 1:  The Basics
1.  Tools of the Trade (drawing "toolkit")
2.  It All Starts With a Line (contour drawing)
3.  Contours & Composition
4.  Draw What You See
Bonus - Chalk-It-Easy Chalk Art Lesson - with Gloria Kohlmann

Volume 2:  Shape & Space
5.  Shape Up - Part 1
6.  Shape Up - Part 2
7.  All About Space
8.  Putting It All Together - Line, Shape & Space
Bonus - Creative Lettering - with Heidi Shorts

Volume 3:  Value & Color
9.    It's Not Just Black & White
10.  Tone, Shade & Shadow
11.  Color, Color, Color
12.  Complements & Intermediates
Bonus - The Joy of Art - with Jim Pence

Volume 4:  Color Blending Techniques
13.  Blending with Colored Pencils
14.  Practice Makes Perfect
15.  Blending With Chalk Pastels
16.  Putting It All Together

Volume 5:  Proportions For Composition
17.  Stand Your "Ground" (background, middle ground, foreground)
18.  Keep Things In Proportion
19.  Scale
20.  Point Of View (bird's-eye, worm's-eye)

Volume 6:  Texture & Form
21.  The Element of Texture
22.  Choosing The Right Tool
23.  Make It 3-D
24.  One Shape, Three Results

Volume 7:  Perspectives For The Landscape
25.  Put It In Perspective (One-Point Perspective)
26.  Put It In Perspective (Two-Point Perspective)
27.  The Landscape (Part 1)
28.  The Landscape (Part 2)

Volume 8:  Balance & Foreshortening
29.  Balance & Symmetry
30.  Circles & Ellipses
31.  Whoa!  That Was Close
32.  The Bug Jar

Volume 9:  The Portrait
33.  Drawing People
34.  A Different View
35.  It Starts With a Stick Figure
36.  The Human Figure

We really like this program.  My daughter thought it was easy to understand and follow.  She liked the step-by-step approach.  We liked that the lessons were short, to be followed by some practice before the next lesson.  We also liked how the lessons connected to each other and to Bible references.  The lessons were fun to watch and very educational.  There's definitely a renewed interest in drawing at our house.  Although the full set is a bit expensive, the monthly subscription would be easier to fit into a budget if you have Internet access.  We also liked the natural and easy way that Pat tied in scripture with her lessons.  All in all, this is a great option to have fun while learning art.  

     As a side note, there are Easter, Christmas and other art lessons available too.  There are also art supplies, music and books available through See The Light.  Check out these products at the website mentioned above. 

As a member of the TOS Review Crew I was provided with a free copy of the first volume of Art Class from See The Light to use in exchange for an honest review of the product.  No further compensation was received.  Opinions and observations are my own.  I am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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