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Greek N Stuff - Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek - Level 3 - A TOS Review

Greek 'n' Stuff
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Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!
Copyright©1994 by Karen Mohs
ISBN - 13: 978-1-931842-11-2
ISBN -10: 1-931842-11-6

Looking for a foreign language program?  Interested in reading the Bible in the original Greek form?  As a member of the TOS Review Crew I received the Worktext, a teacher Full-text Answer Key, and a Pronunciation CD  from Hey Andrew!  Teach Me Some Greek!, a group of products from Greek 'n' Stuff,  to use and review.   This is an easy to use, self-teaching workbook program which introduces the language of the Bible's New Testament.  Koiné - or "common" - Greek is not spoken in Greece today, but  we found out that it can be spoken and read in your home quickly and easily.

The workbooks introduce the Greek alphabet and grammar through natural immersion with plenty of practice, drill, and games. The concepts are introduced fairly slowly and are reviewed often.  You can actually start reading original Biblical text within a few lessons!

The Level 3 Biblical Greek Worktext is 180 pages containing 36 lessons. Topics covered include Alphabet Review, Vocabulary Review, Punctuation, Word Order, Moods of the Greek Verb, Voices of the Greek Verb, Present Tense, Gender of the Greek Noun, Cases of the Greek Noun, Bible Copy Work and more. There are flashcards included in the back of the text for review.  (Laminating these cards would  be a good idea considering the frequency of use - daily is suggested.)  The Pronunciation CD is also a great help while learning the materials.

In Level 3 students review the alphabet and vocabulary introduced in Levels 1 and 2. Students then construct simple sentences while working with the specialized endings on nouns and verbs.  Level 3 is designed to either be in the normal progression through levels or as a place to start for older learners and/or adults.  (This worked fine for my 13 year old and myself.  I didn't think there was any problem starting at 3 without having done 1 and 2.)

Other materials available include quizzes/exams, flashcards on a ring, an audio pronunciation CD or cassette tape and a Bible Copybook containing the Greek and interlinear English text of the Gospel of John.  There is also a new E-book available.

The Worktext begins by having the student write the Greek letters and pronounce the letter names. The sound of the letters is also indicated. These are short but effective lessons.  Matching exercises and other review then follow.  Students then quickly start learning some words, including their basic meaning and pronunciation. Daily flashcard practice is also encouraged, and there is a place at the bottom of each page to mark completion.  There are also a number of short practice games, puzzles and sections where the student draws a picture for a Greek word. Sentence practice then is introduced. The end of the book contains an Appendix of various references to aid the student.

Pricing for Level Three:
Greek Level Three Student Workbook ($21.95)
Greek Level Three "Answers Only" Answer Key ($4.00)
Greek Level Three "Full Text" Answer Key ($21.95)
Greek Level Three Quizzes/Exams ($5.50)
Greek Level Three "Flashcards on a Ring" ($8.00)
Pronunciation CD for Greek Levels Three and Four ($10.00)
Pronunciation Cassette Tape for Greek Levels Three and Four ($8.00)
Greek Level Three "Short" Set ($39.45)
Greek Level Three "Full" Set ($57.40)
Bible Copybook - The Gospel of John ($25.95)
Sheet Music for The Greek Alphabet Song ($2.95)
Set of five (5) Koiné Greek Alphabet Bookmarks ($6.00)
(Please see the Greek 'n' Stuff website for other levels/products and further pricing information.)

My Thoughts:
This self-teaching foreign language program is a good one. We liked the way the text and lessons were set up. (We also liked the fact that they were short and easy!) The CD and Appendix materials were very helpful. This really is a quick-start program. I also liked that the Full-text Answer Key is exactly the same as the student text, with the answers filled in. It was good to be able to look at the same material while my daughter had her book. I'm not always a user of teacher texts, but I was glad I had this one. Although my daughter will probably not continue with this program I might. The program was not difficult, it just wasn't one she was interested in right now. Writing is not my daughter's favorite thing to do, and it was overwhelming for her to do so much copywork. As for me, I think that is one of the strong points in this program. I would definitely recommend this set to anyone thinking about learning to read Biblical Greek.

(Sample PDF pages)

A postal mail catalog (available per request) or an online catalog are available for more information and to order these products.  An online store option is also available.  A number of free educational pages and other links may also be found at the company website.

As a member of the TOS Review Crew I received these items free to use in return for an honest review of the products.  No further compensation was received.  Comments and observations are my own.  I am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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