Sunday, February 16, 2014

Candle Bedtime Bible - Another Kregel Book Tour

Candle Bedtime Bible

Karen Williamson, 2013
Lion Hudson/Tim Dowley Associates
Wilkinson House, Jordan Hill Road,
Oxford  8DR, England
ISBN 978 1 85985 955 1
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We've been reading a fun book at bedtime lately.  Let me tell you a bit about this great find available through Kregel Publications.  The Candle Bedtime Bible is a a colorful 160 page hardcover book which contains 40 Bible stories that are 3, 5, and 10-minutes long.  I love the varying lengths since children have varying attention spans. The book is designed to be read aloud during story time time with your favorite little cuddler.  If you have a younger child that loves bedtime stories you'll want to check out this book which contains all of the major Bible stories in a simple and understandable format.  There are stories about Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abram, Joseph and His Brothers, Moses, Joshua, Sampson, David, Daniel, John the Baptist, Jesus and more.  By the time you get through this book your child or grandchild will have a good basic understanding of most of the common Biblical stories.  Biblical references are included at the end of each story.  Christine Tappin has also filled the book with delightful illustrations to bring the stories to life.

My son and I have enjoyed reading these stories together and discussing them.  He really likes the pictures too!  This would make a great gift for your favorite little one or even for a new parent or grandparent. I have a feeling I'll be sharing this book with a few close friends.

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Michelle and Gang said...

awww, that is great!! so glad y'all have had some sweet bedtime devotions :)

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