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Mosaic Reviews - We Choose Virtues

We Choose Virtues - Mosaic Reviews

Heather McMillan
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As a member of the Mosaic Reviews team I recently received a number
of items from We Choose Virtues to provide an unbiased 
review.  I received:

  • a full-color Teachers Handbook PDF ($5)
  • a Butterfly Award PDF ($3)
  • Coloring Pages PDF ($3)
  • a Character Assessment Form PDF (free)
  • 12 Virtue Flash Cards ($14.99)
  • a sample Parenting Card ($34.99)
  • and a List of Memory Verses and Bible Heroes PDF (free)

My items contained scripture from the New International Reader's Version of the Bible, but King James Version and a secular version are also available.

The 4 Simple Steps for Teaching Virtues in the Teacher's Handbook include:
1. Expect Excellence (yourself and your student) 
2. Explain with Enthusiasm 
3. Emphasize Everyday
4. Examine Everything (correct wrong/reward right)

The  9 Tools for Teaching Virtues include:  

  • 12 Teacher's Virtue Cards (Full-color illustrations, tips and suggested activities are printed on one side, and the other side of the card is the same information found on student flashcards.  There are also The Kids of VirtueVille stories, activities, a virtue user challenge, and more suggestions.)
  • The Virtues Poster ( a list of all 12 virtues with their catchphrases and antonyms)
  • The Three Rules Poster (Obey/Kindness/Helper)
  • 12 Virtue Flash Cards ("I Am" statement, a related catchphrase, an antonym for the virtue, and a scripture verse to memorize.)
  • 12 Kids of VirtueVille Posters
  • 100 Days of Virtue Chart and stickers 
  • Personal Virtue Chart/Award and stickers
  • Virtue User Review
  • Home Improvement Report

Virtues are presented with an "I Am" catchphrase, an "I Am Not" or "I Don't" antonym of the virtue, and a related scripture memory verse.

We Choose Virtues materials require minimal preparation and contain many tips, activities, and suggested reinforcement ideas.  The creators explain that firmness and kindness are encouraged to help improve consistency in teaching/learning the materials.  Preparation, consistency, and balance are emphasized. 

One virtue per week/10 minutes a day/12 weeks is suggested, with reinforcement each day  using Virtue Flash Cards and the Personal Virtue Chart.  Other tools available include a Three Rules Poster and the Kids of VirtueVille Posters

Engaging children during teachable moments, activities, journaling, incorporating library books, and being virtue detectives are suggested as well as virtue memory games which make the catchphrases part of everyday vocabulary.  

The 12 Virtues fall into the Three Rules which include:

1. Obey (obedient, attentive, self-controlled, honest)
2. Be Kind (kind, forgiving, patient, gentle)
3. Be a Helper (helpful, perseverant, diligent, content).  

Explaining with Enthusiasm is one of the keys to teaching the virtues in this program.  Teacher's Virtue Cards help teachers/parents show children that "virtue is responding
with an attitude or action that does not immediately benefit us"--because it the right thing to do.  

The Teacher's Virtue Cards introduce

  • the Caterpillar (you can do better)
  • the Butterfly (Good Job!) and
  • Magnifying Glass (look hard to find   virtue in yourself and others) icons to move your child from a caterpillar to a virtuous butterfly.  Admirable character is noted, attitudes are identified, correction is suggested, and encouragement is the motivator. 

There are a number of packaging options available for sale including a Homeschool Kit priced at $98.99, a 
Family Kit available for $69.99, a Classroom kit, a Kids Church Kit, a Teacher's Starter Kit and a Kids Kit.  Individual items may also be purchased separately.  There are even Virtue Kid iron-ons!  

What We Thought of We Choose Virtues:

This mom absolutely LOVES the graphics used in the materials!  They are so colorful and engaging.  I really love the Virtues program as a whole.  The products work well together and are easy to use.  This is such an encouraging program.  I'm pretty sure the "beauty" of the artwork was less of a draw for my little guy, but he did enjoy the pictures.  We've talked about a number of virtues and will continue to do that for some time.  I loved the coloring pages for reinforcement to use with the memory verses.  Although my child isn't that interested in memorizing verses, he has been exposed to them and will revisit them later.  He just doesn't know that part yet--our little secret!  I love the idea of teaching virtues to children at home, but I also think this would be a great addition to a Children's Church or Sunday School program.  Thank you We Choose Virtues for making it easy to teach my child what really matters!

**The products we used are geared to younger children (ages 2 through elementary).  WCV products will be expanding soon to include materials for older kids, teens, and adults.   Watch for more information in the very near future!

Now is a great time to give We Choose Virtues a try. I have been given permission to share the "HOME20" discount code with my readers.  This code gives you a 20% discount on the purchase of the Homeschool Kit through the end of April.  If you prefer to purchase other items, you may use the "VIRTUE15" code instead to receive 15% of your total purchase of any or all of their items--no expiration date.  **The codes may not be used together.

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