Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seed Starting - The First Step to Gardening - Kindle E-book Review

Seed Starting - The First Step to Gardening
Gary Emmett, 2013
Forget Me Not Publications
Kindle Edition
34 pages

I can hardly wait for Spring.  I've been getting gardening catalogs for a few weeks now and contemplating what to plant when our snow disappears.  I've been looking at a number of planting and gardening books and would love to share one with you.  I recently found out about this new E-book titled Seed Starting - The First Step to Gardening by Gary Emmett.  Whether you're a newbie or have been planting gardens for some time you'll find some useful information and ideas in this great book. This is a quick read and well worth your time if you plan on gardening! 

Gary shares about planning your garden, all about seeds, potting soils, growing equipment, having enough light, and transplanting your plants.  He starts out by suggesting that you keep a Gardening Journal.  What a great idea!   Occasionally we've kept notes about our gardens, but the journal idea would definitely be a lot more efficient from year to year.  Seeds, growing zones and "when to plant" are discussed as well as what different types of soil are available.  I'm thinking that after reading this book that I need to do more fertilizing and watering to make our garden more productive.  Oh, and that "transplanting your plants" section--let's just say that it would have been good to read a few years ago!  There's nothing more annoying that putting the time into starting seedlings, tending seedlings, transplanting seedlings and then watching them die because you didn't "harden" them properly.  I love the information and ideas in this book.  Great job Gary Emmett!

Go to Amazon to purchase for $2.99 for your Kindle.

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