Saturday, February 23, 2013

Planning with Mama Jenn - Blogging Planner Review

Recently the members of the new Mosaic Reviews team were asked to write reviews of a bunch of different free blogging planners.  What a novel idea, thinking through and planning ahead for my blog posts and keeping it all in one place instead of using a notebook, my desk calendar and a number of sticky notes.  Hmm, why hadn't that occurred to 
me before? 

I chose to check out Mama Jenn's 2013 Blogging Planner.  Having looked at a variety of blogging planners, this was the one that stuck out for me.  I really liked the set-up of the 4 pages for each month.  The check boxes to ensure completion of each step were a nice "extra" too.  This planner contains more than 50 pages.  There are four different pages included for each month plus a number of bonus planning pages.  Each month you'll find these four pages:

  • Monthly Blog Calendar     This page has a place for Titles, Dates, and Scheduling and Social Media check boxes to mark completion.
  • Monthly Blog Planning     This page includes columns for Major Blog Posts to Write (Giveaways/Reviews to Complete/Linkups/Upcoming Holiday and Events) and Blog-Related To-Do List and Goals.  Again, there are check boxes to mark completed items.
  • Giveaways/Reviews (a great place to keep links, drawing dates, and other details)
  • Blog Post Notes  (a place to keep notes and reminders about posts)

Additional Bonus Planner pages include:

  • Year at a Glance Calendar
  • Monthly Blog Statistics  (page views, unique visitors, RSS subscribers, email subscribers, and various social media followers (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest)
  • Future Blog Post Ideas page with check boxes  
  • Notes

Not only is the planner functional with lots of space to write plans, but it also has a colorful daisy design.  Each month has a different color daisy.  I like the ability to color-code the pages according to daisy color if I choose to do so.  This blog planner is practical and pretty!!   The planner is set up so that it may be bound or punched and put in a binder.  It's possible to print front to back, but I prefer separate pages.  I also prefer the option of pulling individual pages out of a binder.  I already have a binder for other planning and home information.  This planner will definitely be right next to that one on my shelf.

I have a feeling this planner will be good for keeping me focused and on task.  It has been great to have everything in one place while planning what to post next and in the future.  Thank you Mama Jenn for making such a lovely and useful Blogging Planner.  

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I didn't purchase anything for this review since the planner is free to download.  Visit Mama Jenn's blog by clicking on the planner title above to get more information and to see her other freebies.  I have provided an honest review based on my own use of this planner.  Thoughts and opinions stated here are my own.

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Kimberly said...

I liked those pretty flowers too :) I think if we choose a planner we love the look of, we are more likely to use it!

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