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What Did You Say? NorthStarGames - Say Anything Family Edition - A TOS Review

Say Anything Family Edition 
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3-6 players - 8 years and up
30 minutes to play
$19.99  (Available at Amazon, Target or a number of other stores.)

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What are you playing for family game night this week?  Lately we've been playing a fun game, Say Anything Family Edition, from NorthStarGames.  As part of the TOS Review Crew I received this game free in return for a candid review.  Let me tell you a bit about the game.  (We also received Wits and Wagers Family Edition at the same time.  For more information see my previous review.)

Say Anything Family Edition is a fun game that is fairly easy for young and older players.  The game is very quickly explained and contains short, easy-to-understand directions and rules.

The game contains:  360 questions on 60 question cards, wipe-off pens, wipe-off boards, a Select-o-Matic 6000 spinner, player Meeple tokens, a wipe-off score board and, of course, the directions/rules.

Each person takes a turn being "judge".  The person who is judge for the round reads a question from one of the game cards.  (Example:  What would make a long car ride more fun?)  Players then write down their answer to the question.  Players don't have to know a "right" answer--just "say anything" they choose as an answer.  The judge then spins the Select-o-Matic 6000 to the answer they would choose from the answers given--without showing their choice.  Players put tokens on the answer they think the judge will pick.  When the judge's choice is revealed, points are awarded according to which answer was chosen.  Points are then recorded on the scoreboard.

The game is quite easy and quick to learn.  Creativity and imagination are definitely a plus in this game.  Part of the fun is coming up with the most outrageous or likable answer to capture the attention of the judge. The price is reasonable.  The age suggestion seems appropriate since this game works best if players can read and write.   This is definitely a game we'll dig out frequently.  A thumbs-up all the way around at our house.  My daughter preferred Say Anything, but really had fun with Wits and Wagers too.  We like games that let the kids have a more even chance of winning against an adult.  NorthStarGames has another winner!

Visit the NorthStarGames site to check out the Say Anything and Wits and Wagers games.

Another great feature --Free Parts Replacement. - If any game parts fail or get lost within the first year of ownership NorthStarGames will deliver an identical or comparable replacement to you free of charge. All that is required is for you to e-mail a request for the needed part along with your mailing address, and the parts will be sent out within two weeks.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Review Crew I received the Say Anything Family Edition game free to play with my family in order to provide this review. I did not and will not receive further compensation. All comments and opinions are my own. I am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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