Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Trivia - Just Who's In Charge Anyway?

While thinking about trivia ideas for today I was reminded of the many current events going on around us.  I was also thinking about how in 9th grade we had to memorize a list of US and world leaders and know what they did--and yes, there was a test.  With the many comings and goings in our government in the last few years I thought it might be interesting to review the list and see how many I know now--unfortunately not as many as I should.  If you're interested in brushing up on who's in charge of the various parts and positions of our government go to for more information.

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Most people in the US know that Barack Obama is President, but did you know more than 2 or 3 of the following?  If it was important back then, with the craziness of everything around us now, I'm thinking that brushing up on the list of our current leaders and their positions and job functions is going to be on the list for school this year.  How about you?

White House Staff

Chief of Staff                          Bill Daley

Deputy Chiefs of Staff             Nancy-Ann DeParle
                                              Alyssa Mastromonaco

Counselor to the President       Pete Rouse

Senior Advisors                      Valerie Jarrett
                                              David Plouffe

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Did you also know that all of the following entities exist within the Executive Office of the President?

Council of Economic Advisers
Council on Environmental Quality
National Security Council and Homeland Security Council
Office of Administration
Office of Management and Budget
Office of National Drug Control Policy
Office of Science and Technology Policy
Office of the United States Trade Representative
Office of the Vice President
Executive Residence

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Or how about that the following exist within The White House?

Office of Cabinet Affairs
Office of the Chief of Staff
Office of Communications
Media Affairs
New Media
Office of the First Lady
Office of the Social Secretary
National Security Advisor
Office of Legislative Affairs
Office of Management and Administration
White House Personnel
White House Operations
Telephone Office
Visitors Office
Oval Office Operations
Office of Political Affairs
Office of Presidential Personnel
Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs
Office of Public Engagement
Council on Women and Girls
Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
Urban Affairs
Office of the Press Secretary
Office of Scheduling and Advance
Office of the Staff Secretary
Presidential Correspondence
Executive Clerk
Records Management
Office of the White House Counsel
Office of White House Policy
Domestic Policy Council
Office of National AIDS Policy
Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation
National Economic Council
White House Military Office

I'm pretty sure this will take a while to accomplish around here, but we're going to give it a shot.  How did you do?  Good luck staying on top of it all.  Ever feel like asking "Who are all these people, and where did they come from?"


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