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I Can See Clearly Now . . . See-N-Read - A TOS Product Review

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See n Read

See n Read
Ever heard of See-N-Read? Let me tell you a bit about the helpful reading tools they offer:

These non-toxic and bpA free pieces of thin gray plastic are available in book size (5 1⁄2” x 3”) or document size (8 1⁄2” x 3”).  The See-N-Read tool has a clear spot to read a line at a time for easier focus, less glare and blocking of distractions.  There is also a second version, MemoryMark, with an open spot rather than a see-through section, which allows you to highlight or underline with great ease.  A third version, eSee-N-Read, is available for computer use which has a number of features and can be turned on and off as needed.

We tried these handy tools while reading a variety of materials.  The things my daughter noticed included being able to focus on the line better while reading and remembering more of the material.  She did note, however, that the tool didn't work for a lot of the things she reads.  The type size must fit within the clear spot which is not always possible, especially if the font varies in what you are reading.  The tool was great for keeping her place and also usable as a bookmark for the next time she wanted to read. 

I really liked the computer version for keeping my place while researching, reading and doing cut-and-paste functions in both word processing and blog applications.  The MemoryMark was also great for highlighting during Bible and other reading for outlining and summarizing.  We're planning to use the tool for easier column-reading while doing math too, just turned on it's side.  As a whole these tools were helpful and easy to use.  I'm looking forward to using them with my younger son as he starts learning to read.

According to the company these products are designed to help readers seamlessly see, focus, and remember what they read.  I think I would agree that the products accomplish those goals.  I do wish they were available for variable font sizes.   

Here's the concept as seen on their website:

"See: See-N-Read® helps readers to concentrate on and track the text being read while smoothly transitioning between the words that come before or after, thus helping readers to increase their fluency (the capacity to read text accurately and quickly) and comprehension.

Focus: See-N-Read’s clear reading window is surrounded by a non-glare tinted transparent finish that helps readers to focus on manageable “chunks” of information in each line of text.

Remember: See-N-Read® provides readers with a clear reference point that helps control smooth eye movements across the text on a page. Smooth eye movement from left to right and smooth transitions from line to line ("sweeping") enhance retention of information."

See-N-Read products are said to be usable for readers of all ages and skill levels in regular, remedial and special education environments.    See-N-Read® has been classroom-tested in Grade 2-College in multiple educational settings.   Click here to read the interesting Research information about the use of See-N-Read.

The See-N-Read and Memorymark products are reasonable at $2.99 for a single book size tool. The downloadable eSee-N-Read is priced at $29.99 for a download that can be used on a single computer.

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I received the See-N-Read products free as a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew in return for an honest review based on personal use.  The observations and opinions stated are my own.  I received no further compensation for this review.

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