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Yuck - a fun TOS Product Review

Yuck - a fun TOS Product Review
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Can school be fun?  Definitely if you know about Buck-O-Fun products.

I recently received samples of different types of a great product called Yuck to use with my children.    Oh boy, this one is fun!  There are 4 different kinds of Yuck powders, snowy, saucy, sticky, and chunky.  To use each powder you just add water and mix.  Literally within seconds the water is absorbed and the powder takes on a new texture.  The snowy is very similar to snow.  The saucy is similar to applesauce.  The sticky is, well, sticky.  And finally, the chunky, given long enough, ends up like ice cube size chunks. 

So, how did we call this one school?  Well, what the kids got to do is learn about polymers "hands-on".  As my daughter plunged her hands into the different textures her grin got bigger and the playing began.  She really did  not want to take her hands out to move on to the next texture.  After trying the the snowy powder she asked if we could buy this Yuck by the pound for summertime play outside.  We did the science experiments that were suggested with the product.  We're also looking forward to trying some of the games suggested with the different powders, in particular slip and slide or pool fun.  We did save the Yuck for further play, and the company does say that it could be dried out and used again.  Although we did not try them, the company also carries accessories such as YuckZookas and tints to add to the powder. 

According to the Buckets-O-Fun site, the products are nontoxic and biodegradable.  They do warn users not to rinse any of the powders down the drain, for obvious reasons, since it absorbs water and gets thicker.  Also, there is a clear warning not to swallow any of the product.  The clean-up really was not that difficult, and the company gives clean-up suggestions on their site.  The company also suggests the product for ages 5 to 95, to avoid anyone swallowing any I suppose.  For those adults that are not squeamish about textures this really is fun.
I  have to admit, the absorption capabilities of the powders reminds me of the filling in disposable diapers or pull-ups, but obviously the results are so much more fun.  More than once my daughter commented that a texture felt "yucky" - imagine that! 

If you're interested in trying the product before purchasing, the company does send out samples if you request them.  Just 2 teaspoons of any of the powders made at least 2 cups of the product.  Hmm, I wonder how much a pound makes?  We'll definitely be purchasing more from this company!

You can order these products by the pound fairly reasonably since it takes so little to make so much.  Chunky runs $16 per pound, Saucy is $18 per pound and Snowy or Sticky both cost $20 per pound.When is the last time school got
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