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Classical Historian - Ancient History Go Fish Game

Ancient History Go Fish Game
The Classical Historian
1019 Domador
San Clemente, CA 92673
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Ages 5-129
Some reading required

Go Fish Bundle -- all 3 for $29.95 
(Ancient History Go Fish, Medieval History Go Fish, American History Go Fish)

Purchase here

We're big fans of games for learning in our home.  Our latest new game is the Ancient History Go Fish Game from Classical Historian.  I received the game free to try in order to write a review for the Mosaic Reviews team.  Let me tell you a bit about this fun game.

This deck of 50 cards is used to play four different games which teach basic historical facts, chronology, geography, and association.

The four games include:
  1. Go Fish - players try to collect all four-of-a-kid cards from categories which include Prehistory, Ancient Asia, Mesopotamia, Ancient Hebrews, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Native American Homes, Political Leaders, Seven Continents, and Rivers of Early Civilizations.  Whoever gets the most sets wins.
  2. Collect the Cards - players use historical facts to guess the image on a card.  If guessed correctly the player wins the card.
  3. Chronology - one player shuffles cards and the other puts the cards in chronological order as fast as possible.  Answer key is included, and the fastest time wins.
  4. Continents - players assemble cards under the correct continent card as quickly as possible.  Answer key is included, and the fastest time wins.

The game cards are very sturdy and larger than normal playing cards.  There is a colorful picture on each card which helps with association and identification of many historical sites and items.  Take a peek:  

History is not the favorite topic around here, but that may change with these games.  The games are quick, easy, and fun to play!  We had fun checking out the pictures and learning about the different categories.  My younger son was very interested in the cards too--definitely a plus!  I look forward to working these into our rotation of games to get history facts memorized.  After we get good at Ancient History we'll probably try Medieval History.  I absolutely love the ability to play several different games with the same set of cards.  The price is reasonable for the quality of the products.  I'd even give these as gifts!  I'm seriously considering getting the six game bundle to start working with my little guy on these games to help him get ahead on learning the different time periods and references.  Hmm, we have a birthday coming up pretty soon.  (Grin)  I'm quite interested in checking out some of the other products Classical Historian offers.  (See link above to See all Products.)

Classical Historian also has History Memory Games for the same three categories for younger children.  The History Memory Games teach historical image recognition and chronology and geography.  The History Memory Games are $14.95 each or all three for $39.95.

There is also a History Game Superbundle- all 6 games for $59.99 (over 25% off retail)

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