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Traveling & Learning Along the Way

TOS Product Review
The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner - June 2010 Module - Travel the World
2010 The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC
P.O. Box 8426, Gray, TN 37615
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This is a stand-alone E-book, but it can be used with the Schoolhouse Planner, also from the Schoolhouse Store. Other monthly modules are also available. This is a reusable resource provided the user copies the activities before use.
In this book is basic geography information about the Earth, maps, waters and continents. The information presented in the 52 pages of colorful of this module appears to be geared to students between 7 and 18 years of age. With the variety of discussions, website links, and activities not a lot of teacher preparation is required beyond checking the links and making copies of activities. Older children who are able to read and have access to computers could learn the material fairly independently.

There are 3 major sections, each of which includes at least one relevant Bible verse, a brief explanation of vocabulary words, and a corresponding color picture. For example, the first section describes "What's an Accurate Model of the Earth?". It begins with a Bible verse referring to the "circle of the earth" and then shows and describes a globe. Vocabulary terms presented in this section include axis, equator, latitude and longitude. Students are introduced to North and South Poles, Earth rotation, seasons, hemispheres, coordinates, the tropics, the torrid zone, the frigid zone and the temperate zone. In addition, there is a website link to practice using latitudes and longitudes. The "What About Maps?" section shows a map and describes a compass rose.

"The Land and Waters" section begins with a verse from Genesis about the "dry land" and "the seas". A picture showing and labeling the continents and oceans is followed by a song to help remember the names. The 5 interconnected oceans are named, described and listed in order by size.

The third section, "Continents", is separated into individual continent discussions. Each continent is named, located by hemispheres, and described in terms of size and climate zones. Landforms and bodies of water are described. Map links and learning game websites are also included.

After the major sections are a number of learning activities including Fill in the Blanks, a Word Scramble, a Word Search, a Crossword Puzzle, Rebus Puzzles, a Geography Acrostic Poem, Lapbook Beginnings, coloring pages and Manuscript and Cursive Copywork of related Bible verses.

For older students there is a "High School Expansion" section which contains a link to the National Geographic geography challenge, information about Matthew Fontaine Maury, and descriptions of Mathematical, Physical, and Political geography. Related activities in this section include article/report writing, a link to "Matthew Fontaine Maury: The Pathfind of the Seas", literature suggestions, a Word Search and recipes to try.

The book ends with an extensive list of links to Travel the World Resources, related TOS Resources links, and Answer Keys.

I really liked this E-book. It contains a lot of useful links and vocabulary for younger students and great review information for older students. The puzzles and activities were a great way to review the information as we discussed it. My daughter really enjoyed the computer links and games. We will be adding to the lapbook beginnings as we complete geography lessons this year. I would definitely recommend this module to anyone starting on geography with their child. It gives a good basic discussion of a lot of material while making learning fun. My daughter now has a good understanding of maps, continents and bodies of water. She also had fun along the way and has great resources for further reference.

This product was provided to me free by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC in exchange for an honest review. No further compensation was received.

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