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The Babylon Contingency - Kregel Blog Tour Review

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Here's another Kregel Blog Tour book that's been on my reading list lately.  The Babylon Contingency, by Clifford Longley, is an interesting international mystery that starts with a burglary at an English country house.  The Chief Inspector, Robbie Peele, finds himself learning about archaeology, ancient languages, Middle Eastern terrorists, Crete and a number of other unexpected topics while figuring out what brought the burglars and why a related murder occurred.  Mr. Peele finds himself unsure about who to trust and having to work with a variety of people he wouldn't normally seek out. Eventually he and his assistant, Sarah, end up caught in an Egyptian burial chamber during an earthquake.  I don't want to give away too many details, but anyone reading this book will keep turning pages just to find out what the ancient clay disks found at the country house that appear to be linked to a famous archaeological find, the Phaestos Disk, might contain and why they are important.

This was definitely a book that kept my attention right to the end.  The storyline is believable enough to have been pulled out of recent world happenings.  The importance of ancient writings and how they affect lives today is a great premise to start from, and it leads to an interesting ending which was not quite what I expected.  This is a thrilling, suspenseful read!

If you'd like to get a feel for the book you can read an excerpt here.

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