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My Home School Grades - Another One of Those Mosaic Reviews

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Once upon a time there was a homeschooling mom who vowed 
to do everything within her power to teach her children 
everything she knew and more.  She had a plan to meet each 
educational need with every resource and extracurricular event 
she could find.  She read all the curriculum catalogs, 
downloaded numerous planners, prepared lesson plans, 
and created her own forms for keeping track of all major 
educational topics, music lessons, library programs, and all the 
club meetings and activities each child attended.  She created 
her own "grading" system, maintained a calendar upon which 
she checked off and color-coded appointments, tests, and 
daily "learning" hours for each major topic tackled.  At the 
end of each day she sighed, smiled and thought, 
"MHeart's Sure Generous."

Just in case she was ever sick or unavailable she created an 
extremely detailed binder of information for each child, with 
each page carefully placed in a page protector, which she 
referred to as MHome/School Guide.

At the end of each day, week, month and year she created a 
brief but complete list of accomplishments for each child and 
thought, "MHomeSchool's Great!"   

When her first child was ready to graduate, with highest honors, 
of course, she sat down, put her feet up and said, "I've done all 
that I could do."  She then asked her child what were the most 
favorite memories of homeschooling.  With a pleasant smile and 
a hug her child responded, "Mom, my favorite memories are the 
days that you didn't have any paperwork to do.  We read books, 
played games, sang songs and had a good time.  I remember 
learning math and reading with some of those great games you 
got me for birthday and Christmas.  We did some great projects 
during your free time."  She sighed heavily and thought 
"MHomeSchool Goofs!"  

Beep, Beep, Beep!!  Hmm, that was an optimistic 
and fanciful dream.  I do not know one homeschooling mom 
who does or could live that life.  Homeschooling is a lifestyle 
which takes a lot of time and effort.  Keeping up with 
paperwork, portfolios and transcripts seems to be a 
monumental task for homeschooling moms, especially in 
families with several children.  At times I've even known 
some homeschooling moms who have said they just 
plain don't have time to do the paperwork, nor do they have 
anywhere to keep it all anyway.  For all you homeschooling 
moms that wish for the dream of organized and complete 
records that don't take hours to compile and prepare, keep 
reading!  Your kids can have better memories than watching 
you spending all of your time creating and filling in forms and 
paperwork instead of spending one on one time with them.  
I think you'll be excited to see what I've been 
checking out lately as part of the Mosaic Reviews team.

Da ta da da . . . 
You have to try this lifesaver software!

MHome School Grades is the product of a home school dad, 
John Echols, who saw the need to gather all the information 
about a family's homeschool adventure and figured out a way 
to manage and report the information as needed in a 
user-friendly way.

John got together with Jordan Schute, a 2010 homeschool 
graduate fascinated with computer programming, and this 
unique program was created.

How the Program Works:  After setting up your 
account and password you'll fill in the following for each 

Enter each class the student is taking.  Drop-down menus 
are available to save you some time while entering credits, 
school year, semester, subject, and student grade level.  
You then decide how you want to grade the class--letter, 
number, fraction, etc.  You can use your own lesson plans 
and curriculum to make these entries a breeze.  You'll 
also find drop-down menus for curriculum publisher and 
curriculum by name.  If you don't see your curriculum 
there is an "other" category.  If you want to be more 
specific, MHSG will add this information into the menus 
at your request.

Adding a Student (can even add picture!)

Adding a Class for a Student

After you've added all of your student's classes you'll want to
enter your student's activities such as scouts, church programs, 
music, 4-H, etc.  You'll also find places to fill in descriptions, 
awards and references.

Adding an Activity

Example of Project Details for 4-H

Example of Class Details

With My Home School Grades you can manage, track and report 
your student's grades, curriculum, extracurricular activities and 
other events quite easily and quickly.  At the end of each school 
year you have an updated transcript already filled in from the 
information you've been adding along the way.  You can even 
enter information retroactively--yes, filling in last year because 
you didn't get around to it.

On the website are video tutorials to walk you through each step 
in setting up the software to track progress from year to year.  
A number of curriculum options have been pre-programmed and 
show up in drop-down menus for ease, but if your curriculum 
isn't there you can use the "other" option or contact MHSG 
support to have them add in your information.

How It Worked for Us:  

*This is easily one of the best and easiest software products
I've checked out for managing homeschool records and

*Setting up my students took very little time and minimal effort.

*The program is very user-friendly, flexible and complete. In
addition to tracking everything I could think of, I was thrilled to
see the flexibility in types of grading.

*The fact that the creators are very willing to hear your concerns
and make changes and additions to the program to meet your
needs is fantastic!

*One of the best things about this online program is that support
is available seven days a week.  When I called about a minor
issue I was promptly connected to a real person (unlike most
service calls I get to deal with) who made sure he understood
the issue.  My issue was resolved within minutes.  I really
appreciate that kind of service!

*We'll definitely be continuing to use My Home School Grades
for our record keeping needs.  I'll have an easily created transcript
in a couple of years when my daughter needs it, and I'll have
complete records for our son who is just starting.  This program
is a time saver I'd recommend to all of my homeschool friends.

*Although we only have a couple of students, I think this is a
very reasonably priced program, especially since the number of
students is unlimited and users receive a lifetime membership.

If you'd like more information about the program features 
and ways to use this program in your home you'll want to
visit My Home School Grades.  Try a 14 day free trial to see how 
useful and easy record keeping could be for your family.  
After you've tried the program I'm confident that you'll be 
signing up for a lifetime family membership, at the very 
reasonable price of just $49.99, which covers all of your 
children through their academic years.  Psst!  Your 
membership even includes all future updates and 
enhancements to the program. 

Visit My Home School Grades on Facebook and follow them 
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