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Math Mammoth - About "Time" for a Review

Math Mammoth Clock (Blue Series)

We've been using a fun curriculum from Math Mammoth to learn about clocks, telling time, and using a calendar.    Let me tell you about it.

 Math Mammoth Clock (Blue Series) is a 78 page worktext (including answers), suitable for grades 1-3, that covers:
  • Whole and Half Hours
  • Half and Quarter Hours
  • How Many Minutes Pass
  • Using Calendar
In the book there are explanations and exercises.  The book really requires very little teacher preparation--very easy to use.  By the time you're done your student will be able to read a clock, figure out time intervals, and use the calendar.  Since this book contains grades 1-3 and progresses as you go it's easy to have your child work on different sections at different times as they are able.

Fore example: 1st grade contains reading the clock to the 1/2 hour, 2nd grade contains reading the clock to the 5 minute intervals, 3rd grade contains reading the clock to the minute.

**You will need a practice clock where the child can turn the clock hands.

There is a PDF download available for $4.00.  A black and white printed copy is available for $10.85, and new in November 2011 is a PDF version of the book enabled for annotation.  (Yes that means you can have your student fill it in on the computer!)
Keep it or Leave it?  Well, I really liked this worktext.  The explanations are easy, and we progressed quickly.  My daughter fully understood each section without much effort on my part.  Good job Math Mammoth!  The many examples and questions were easy to work through--and, although I didn't need it much I liked that the answers were included too.  I was glad this included calendar information to round out the whole "time" concept.  This got a thumbs up at our house.  We've also checked out the 300 free worksheets and samples.  We have a few of the the Math Mammoth products and will probably be using more.  If you're even slightly considering the program it's worth visiting the website to check out all options and prices/discounts.
Other products from Math Mammoth include the Blue Series (work texts by topic) and the Green Series (work sheet collections by topic).  Math Mammoth covers:

Addition & Subtraction

Addition 1 worktext (grade 1)

Subtraction 1 worktext (grade 1)

Add & Subtract 2-A worktext (grades 1-2)

Add & Subtract 2-B worktext (grade 2)

Add & Subtract 3 worktext (grades 2-3)

Add & Subtract 4 worktext (grades 3-4)

Place Value

Place Value 1 worktext (grade 1)

Place Value 2 worktext (grade 2)

Place Value 3 worktext (grade 3)

Place Value 4 worktext (grade 4)

Place Value 5 worktext (grades 5-6)

Multiplication & Division

Multiplication 1 worktext (grade 3)

Division 1 worktext (grade 3)

Multiplication 2 worktext (grade 4)

Division 2 worktext (grade 4)

Multiplication Division 3 worktext (grade 5)

Multiplication & Division worksheets (grades 3-6)

Numbers & Operations worksheets (grades 3-6)

Clock and Money

Clock worktext (grades 1-3)

U.S. Money worktext (grades 1-3)

Canadian Money worktext (grades 1-3)

British Money worktext (years 2-4)

European Money worktext (grades 1-3)

Australian Money worktext (years 1-3)


Measuring 1 worktext (grades 1-3)

Measuring 2 worktext (grades 4-5)

Metric Measuring worktext (grades 1-4)

Measuring worksheets (grades 3-6)


Introduction to Fractions worktext (grades 2-4)

Fractions 1 worktext (grades 5-6)

Fractions 2 worktext (grades 5-6)

Fractions & Decimals 3 worktext (grade 6)

Fractions worksheets (grades 3-6)


Decimals 1 worktext (grades 4-5)

Decimals 2 worktext (grades 5-6)

Fractions & Decimals 3 worktext (grade 6)

Decimals worksheets (grades 3-6)


Early Geometry worktext (grades 1-3)

Geometry 1 worktext (grades 4-5)

Geometry 2 worktext (grades 6-7)

Geometry worksheets (grades 3-7)

Ratio, Proportions, Percent & algebraic thinking

The Four Operations (with a Touch of Algebra) worktext (grades 5-7)

Ratios & Proportions & Problem Solving worktext (grades 5-7)

Percent worktext (grades 6-8)

Integers worktext (grades 5-8)

Ratio, Proportion & Percent worksheets (grades 5-7)

Integers worksheets (grades 5-8)

Statistics / Graphing / Probability

Statistics & Probability worktext (grades 5-7)

Statistics worksheets (grades 4-7)

Make It Real Learning

States by the Numbers series (grades 3-6)

Arithmetic I (grades 3-6)

Fractions, Percents, and Decimals I (grades 4-8)

Fractions, Percents, and Decimals II (grades 4-8)

Sets, Probability, and Statistics I (grades 6-10)

Linear Functions I (grades 9, 11)

Linear Functions II (grade 11)

Quadratic Functions I (grades 9, 11)

Exponential & Logarithmic Functions I (grades 11-12)

Periodic & Piecewise Functions I (grades 11-12)

Polynomial, Power, Logistic & Rational Functions I (grades 11-12)

Calculus I (grade 12)

You can even get a complete curriculum for individual grades 1-6, pre-algebra, and grade 3-7 worksheets collections.  Pre-algebra and Algebra 1 worksheets collections are also available. 
If all that information above confused you stop by Math Mammoth and sign up for a 7-day virtual email tour which includes a package of over 300 free worksheets and sample pages, 7 individual emails on 7 subsequent days  answering the most commonly asked questions, and a math newsletter.
If you're interested in reading more about the Math Mammoth options and what the TOS Homeschool Review Crew thinks click here  

Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Review Crew I occasionally receive free products to use to provide candid reviews.  I receive no further compensation for my reviews.  Thoughts and comments are my own.  I am not obligated to provide positive reviews.

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