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This One's a Real Classic - Yesterday's Classics - A TOS Review

Yesterday's Classics
PO Box 3418
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Age Range - PreK - 13 or 14 - but equally great for adults
Price Range - Normally $149.95 / $99.95 through May 31st
When I think of "classic" several things come to mind
  • classic car - '57 Chevy
  • classic dress - Audrey Hepburn's black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • classic book - hmm, there's so many . . . where to start?

What exactly is a "classic" anyway?  Definitions I found included
  1. something that is a perfect example of a particular style 
  2. something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality 
  3. serving as a standard of excellence : of recognized value    
    (Thanks Wikipedia and Webster's Dictionary)

Yesterday's Classics definitely qualify for all 3 definitions.
Do you remember any of the books you read as a child?  I'll bet some of you have favorite old books you can't find anymore but would love to have for your kids or grandkids.  So many old favorites are out of print or very hard to find.  Let me tell you about a great option to find some of those old "classics" to read again and share with a new generation.

Yesterday's Classics is a company that republishes classic books for children, all written from 1880 to 1920, the era known as the golden age of children's literature.  Many of their titles have been out of print for decades, but now you and your children can have this "library" at your fingertips without having to do a lot of research and without paying large sums of money.  You don't need several bookshelves either.

As a member of the TOS Review Crew I received a free download of a group of 225 e-books from Yesterday's Classics to check out and review.

                      Let me start with WOW!  I love these!  

All Yesterday's Classics titles are offered in high-quality paperback editions, with text cast in modern easy-to-read type and the illustrations from the original volumes.  (except in those few cases where the quality of the original images was too low to make their reproduction feasible)  In addition, these titles are also now available in Kindle or EPUB format.  (But, you do NOT have to have a Kindle or an EPUB ebook device to read these books since there are APPs (applications) for both of these formats that work on a PC (computer).  (EPUB ereader devices include Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, iPhone, and iPad.)  When you check out the website you'll find information on both formats and how to download the APPs.  You can even download a sample to check out what the readers are like.  (They don't, however, sell all the different kinds of readers.)

There are so many titles available with their descriptions that I won't list them all.  The covers of a few are further down in this review.  Take a look at the EPUB titles available by clicking here.  These same titles are available in Kindle format.  *And remember, all are available as paperback editions.  You can order the ebooks by clicking here .

Right now Yesterday's Classics has a special going just for you - check it out! 

From May 1 - May 31 you can get this group of titles, in either form (EPUB/Kindle), at a wonderfully discounted price.  Click the offer below if you want to take advantage of the $99.95 special, normally priced at $149.95--and yes, it'll go back to that for June.

You can take a look at the 225 available titles here to find details.  Within these titles you'll find the following:
(number in parentheses shows the number of offerings in each category)

  • World History(9)
  • Children of the World(6)
  • Nature(27)
  • Ancient Greece(29)
  • Fables(5)
  • Kindergarten(14) 
  • Fairy Tales(12) 
  • Britain(9) 
  • Shakespeare(2) 
  • Poetry(5) 
  • Faith(10) 
  • Early Civilizations(5) 
  • Ancient Rome(18) 
  • Middle Ages(17) 
  • Legends(14) 
  • Renaissance and Exploration(9) 
  • Science(7) 
  • Readers(4) 
  • American History(18) 
  • Christmas Stories(6) 
  • Literature(5) 
  • Biography(10)


So, here's what you get :
  • 225 titles which fall into 22 genres
  • easy-to-navigate Table of Contents for each book (unlike a lot of EPUB and Kindle books)
  • the ability to print as much or little of the titles as you choose
  • a Guide to EReader Devices and Software
  • the ability to put on as many devices as you like (no DRM, digital rights, issues)
  • email support for those all those little other things that come up. 
That's a lot of research, compilation, downloading and time saved! 
Did I mention I love these?!


I don't know about you, but we have thousands of books taking up shelf space.  Many of these books are used in curriculum lists from Ambleside Online, Living Books Curriculum, Heart of Dakota and others - check the lists on the website.  All in one place, less money, a whole library and less space taken up in your home.

Some of our favorites in perusing the many to pick from include Mother Stories, Hurlbut's Stories From The Bible, Parables From Nature and Pilgrim's Progess.  We really like all the different nature and animal books (especially Thornton Burgess).  I'm looking at incorporating a number of the history books into our curriculum plan for next year, and the beginning readers should be popular with my little guy.  We've looked at some of the science books and will be diving into them again later (plants will be now while Spring turns to Summer)  We, of course, continue to do fun reading too (fairytales, fables, poetry) and look forward to getting through more as we have time.  The illustrations in these books are wonderful.  I like the easy navigation from the Table of Contents because it helps us to be able to stop and pick up where we left off quite easily--bookmarking helps too.  Although I have not printed all of the books offered, I like the ability to print as I desire.

For those who may be wondering, while many of these are downloadable free from various websites the quality is definitely not the same.  Many contain no illustrations.  Not all ebooks contain a Table of Contents.  There are often sections which don't scan correctly.  Formatting is not always consistent in the free downloads either.  Taking into consideration that to purchase all 225 titles in paperback you would pay $2495.75, or to purchase the titles individually as EPUB files you would pay $648.80, $149.95 doesn't look so bad.  And if you order this month, before May 31st, the $99.95 looks really good!

These are a really great deal!!  

I received these books free from Yesterday's Classics to use in return for an honest review of the books.  I received no further compensation.  Opinions and observations are mine.  I am not obligated to give a positive review.

For more reviews from the TOS Review Crew click here .   

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