Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doesn't Get Any Better Than This - TOS Planner 2010 - Overview

Ever wish you had one of these? Admit it, you know you've always wanted one of the big red "Easy" buttons.

Well, I don't anymore because I just loaded the TOS 2010 Planner.

This Planner contains 600+ pages of information, calendars, forms, resources, recipes and links for just about everything you can think of for home, school, and everyday living.

Within the pages of this gem you'll find

**12 monthly informational sections which include an article, information to know lists, a resource list of items sold in the Schoolhouse Store, and recipes. (Some are even Gluten Free recipes!)

**Calendars and planner pages for 2010-2013.

**Information for the following topics: Bible, Art, Co-op, Classics Reading Lists, Student Motivation, Manners, Basic Math, Science, Geography, American Sign Language, Computer Literacy, Food and Nutrition, Writing, Notebooking and Nature, Logic and Cleaning the Natural Way.

**Forms and Instructions including: Curriculum forms, Goals/Objective Forms, Planning Sheets (annual, yearly, quarterly, weekly, daily and field trip), Report Cards/Evaluation/Progress Reports, Schedule Forms for various family sizes (daily, weekly, monthly), Scores/Grade Recording Sheets, Log Sheets, Journal Pages, Unit Study Forms, Co-op Sheets, Convention Planning Forms, Preschool Forms, Alphabet/Writing Forms and miscellaneous other forms.

**Household Forms and Instructions including: Important Information to Remember, Homekeeping Pages, Schedule Forms, Grocery/Menu Planning Pages, Chore Charts and Forms, Budget Record Sheets, Gift-Giving and Party Planning Pages, Bible Reading/Study/Highlights/Prayer and Memorization, Garden Forms and other Miscellaneous Forms.

What is really great is that the forms are blank, reproducible, and interactive. They can be filled in before printing or after.

Some of the pages I'm planning on adding to our home and school this year include all the recipes, the Bible Must-Know List, The Value of Reading the Classics, The Newbery Medal, The Caldecott Medal, Teaching Your Children Good Manners: It Starts With RESPECT, American Sign Language for Foreign Language Credit, Online Education Sites That Can Add to Your Homeschool, Computers for Beginners, 36 General Writing Prompts, Basic, Natural, (Easy!), Clean!, The Miracles of Jesus, The Parables of Jesus, Common Latin Roots, Common Greek Roots, Important U.S. Documents and Famous Artists.

I'll be doing my planning for the year on the Monthly Calendars With Interactive Fields. I'm hoping to record resources and multimedia used with the Audio/Video Log and the Log Sheet. We'll also be keeping track of Books Read This Year.

As I plan for the homeschool conventions in the Spring I'll be using all of the Convention Planning Forms.

The Library Books/Movies Due List will hopefully keep down fines this year. $$$$$

We'll be putting together a folder of Important Info to Remember for our babysitting daughter.

I'm also hoping to use the Monthly Menu Planner to have meals a bit more organized for those busy days.

Lastly, I'm hoping to keep track of items better by using the Loaned and Borrowed List.

Lofty goals? Perhaps, but with my new 2010 TOS Planner it's looking like a more organized and productive year. Hopefully I will find the time to post updates on how using the Planner is working out over the year.

What more can I say to convince you to check it out? How about we start using the following button on a regular basis this year?

The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC
P.O. Box 8426, Grav. TN 37615
$39 instant downloadable e-book or $44 cd can be purchased at

This product was provided to me free as an independent contractor belonging to the TOS Homeschool Crew to use and review for advertisement purposes and for participation in a contest where I might receive a prize. I have provided honest information and my own opinions.

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