Friday, July 16, 2010

Learning Along Our Travels

Traveling is always an adventure for our family. Unfortunately we haven't been able to do a lot of it yet this summer, but we are hoping to fit in camping a couple of times before fall. One of the things we like to do while traveling is look for those "learning moments" that make real life a field trip. Last week that meant learning about worms and fishing for our little guy. Fishing with daddy while visiting Grandma and Grandpa was a wonderful new experience. Didn't get any pictures, but try to picture this one in your mind - "A fish, a fish, I got it, I win!" - with a big grin, of course. Now keep in mind that fish was about 3 inches long, but it was a "winner".

Next week, Monday, I will get back to "traveling" with a TOS Product Review I think you'll find helpful. In the meantime here are some places to look for information about fish and fishing. - K through elementary lessons, downloads, crafts - self explanatory - coloring pages - coloring pages - fish identification of North American fish with pictures


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