Sunday, June 27, 2010

Speaking of Blowing Away . . . or Perhaps Flying

Not intentionally a common theme here, just finally had time to sit down for a few to share. Last night we had a rather large tree split in half and come down toward the house, out to survey the surroundings this morning. Last night we had at least three inches come down with some hail, in about 15 minutes! I think that's the most rain I've seen come down that fast. A little awe inspiring. Yes, we visited the basement, again, for a few minutes. Someone shared with me recently that April shows bring May flowers, and June showers bring mosquitos - soooo true.

The birds are singing, everything is green, and we're enjoying the beauty of God's creation today.

Speaking of those birds, I thought perhaps someone might want some links to bird information and activities at this point of the summer: - this site has many sections including directions for making bird feeders, bird anatomy, habitats, coloring pages, a wordsearch, owl pellet dissection, a duck them unit, an endangered North American birds them unit, bird migration lessons, an owl theme unit, a penguin theme unit, informational coloring sheet printouts and more. - this site contains units/lapbooks about backyard birds, birds of prey, humming birds, chickens, ducks, ostriches, owl babies, eagles and storks, as well as numerous other topics. - this site contains realistic bird themed coloring pages - another site with realistic bird themed coloring pages - this site contains interactive online coloring pages of birds

Have fun!

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