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What's That Gizmo? A Homeschool Mosaics Review of the Fast Track Bible Pack from Wizzy Gizmo

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Recently we've been checking out the New Testament Series Fast Track Bible Pack card set from Wizzy Gizmo.  As a member of the Homeschool Mosaics team I occasionally get a chance to receive and review new products that are being released.  I'm glad this is the product I chose to receive of the many offered.  Read on to find out why I think these Christian education tools are a great place to start with your kids.

First, you might be wondering who or what Wizzy Gizmo represents.  Think genius inventor and maker of fantastic gizmos.  These Bible study tools are designed for Sunday School, homeschool, and personal use to help parents and teachers "Equip children for life by exploring God's Word."  The resources are fun, engaging and available in various formats.  There are are Bible Books For Kids which visit Wizzy Gizmo's workshop and involve the Gizmovision machine, Bible Audio Dramas for Kids which bring the books to life and include music, and Bible Flashcards.  Whether used for Family Devotions, Devotions for Kids, part of homeschool lessons or Christian Education in a church setting, these products are sure to become favorite tools your kids enjoy.  (Click the links to find out more and check on prices.)

The New Testament Series Fast Track Bible Pack contains 27 cards which each contain a New Testament book summary, key chapters, passages, doctrines, and people. The cards are 9" x 6" ( a nice jumbo size) and made from sturdy cardstock.  The front of the cards contain the name of a Bible book, the number of chapters in the book, the author's name, the date of writing, a brief summary of the book, and a verse.  The back side of the cards contain deeper information in a color-coded outline form.    This is where you'll find the key characters, passages, doctrines, and people listed.  These cards are a great way to easily communicate all the main points to your children.  They'll get the "big picture" and relevant details at the same time.  The card pack is geared to all ages.  You could even start at age two by telling the summary story and helping your child memorize the verse.  There are a number of ways the pack can be used.  You'll want to check out the suggestions on the Wizzy Gizmo site.


My youngest is always asking questions about different Bible stories he's heard about.  The cards allow me to give a good summary and help tie it all together for him.  My oldest really likes the organization of the cards as well as the easy-to-find main points and ideas.  As the youngest gets older we'll be able to tackle the bigger concepts and work on learning relevant verses.  I'm excited that these cards work with any age!

Our team members reviewed a number of different Wizzy Gizmo items, and you can check out those reviews by clicking here.

If you're interested in obtaining the Fast Track Bible Pack, although you're not obligated to, I'd love for you to use this affiliate link for your purchase of Wizzy Gizmo products.  I recently became an affiliate with the company because I love the products and want people to check them out.  

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Hey, I get to give away a free Fast Track Bible Pack!!  Wizzy Gizmo is allowing me to offer a giveaway of one Fast Track set.  Visit the Wizzy Gizmo website and leave a comment here about what product you find interesting.  Quick, easy, and painless.  I will randomly pick a winner from all entries and announce the lucky recipient at noon on Friday, November 7th.  Good luck!

And the Winner is Michelle C. !!  Be watching your mail for this fun Bible Pack.  


Michelle and Gang said...

Looks wonderful! great review Berta :) I love all the ways we can present God's word to children ....planting seeds :)

Michelle and Gang said...

Love the review :) What a neat product. I love having a variety of ways to share God's word with kids :) planting seeds :)

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