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Sunflowers in the Style of Van Gogh - A Mosaic Review of See the Light - Art Projects

See the Light
Year 2 - The Next Level
Art Projects with Master Artist Pat Knepley

$14.99 and up
$99 for the entire boxed set
Ages 10 and up
DVD run time is 120 minutes total

Do your kids like to learn about different types of art?  Are you looking for a way to encourage them to try different things?  Perhaps you might want to try the new Art Projects available through See the Light.  We've tried art lessons from See the Light in the past, and we were curious to check out the Art Projects program.  Since we got to pick our project, I chose the sunflowers to brighten things up while the Fall colors are still in our area.  I really appreciate that this program can even be used for high school fine arts credits!  Pat also shares a lot of art history as well as a bit of Biblical information too while covering each step.

The DVDs are available as a boxed set or separately.  The Art Projects include a variety of artistic methods which create the following:

Tiffany Window in the style of Louis Comfort Tiffany
Repeated Sweets in the style of Wayne Thiebaud
Paper Jungle in the style of Henri Rousseau
Pointillism Fruit in the style of Georges Seurat
Poppy Collage in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe
Dreams of Joseph in the style of Marc Chagall
Horsing Around in the style of Edgar Degas
Peaceful Seas in the style of Winslow Homer
Sunflowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh
As a member of the Mosaic Reviews team I recently received a DVD with the Sunflowers Art Project. My 16 year old daughter and I decided to try this one together.  Now we each have our own picture of sunflowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.  (Mine is the one with the bigger flowers, and hers has more background.)

Take a peek at what the DVD includes:  Using just 4 steps, in just a bit less than 2 hours you complete the following while watching the instructor, Pat Knepley, demonstrate the steps.  

Step 1: Planning the Composition and First Layer of Color (26 minutes) includes basic planning and outline of the picture.
Step 2: Detail the Petals and Leaves (25 minutes) includes defining the elements in the picture.
Step 3: Fill in the Negative Spaces (26 minutes) includes the area surrounding the picture.
Step 4: Value Changes for Shadows and Highlights (23 minutes) brings the picture to life in a three dimensional form.

Pat is very easy to understand and follow.  The lessons can be done individually or all at once during a bit longer period of time.  You'll want to be sure to complete the steps in order, of course.  Thankfully you are able to pause the DVD to catch up as needed during the process.  Pat really makes the process seem easy!

With just a few supplies which included pastel paper, oil pastels and the dvd, we were able to create these masterpieces.  We used a cheaper set of oil pastels for this first project, but I'd love to try it again with a better quality set which contains more colors.  We made it work, but we really could have used two sets of pastels, one for each of us.

Pat has a blog in which she shares more about her art and products available through See the Light. More information is also available at the See the Light online store.

If you like See The Light products you can also follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Members of the Mosaic Reviews team tried a variety of the Art Projects.  To check out some of the other ideas and results please stop by the Mosaic Reviews website.

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