Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking Forward - Stepping Back

It's that time again, you know, the anticipation of all those Spring and Summer things to do while sitting with "cabin fever".  One of the things we do as a family is pre-1840 fur trade reenactment during the summer.  We get into our "funky clothes" (according to my daughter, 13) and go back to a simpler and less stressful time.  Now don't get me wrong, most people would agree that this was not a simpler time, but I'm pretty sure they just need a little coaxing.

See that guy down there, he's my favorite mountain man.  He holds our camp together.  He goes by "Sleeps With Gophers" or "Fire Without Matches" most of the time.  Yes, you earn your name, so take your best guess at what prompted those names.  Better yet, guess how "Painted Toe", "Boomer", and "Two Moons" earned their names.  This is the most family-oriented activity we've done over the years, and I thought you might like to know a bit about it. 

You can click here  to access the website of our local Coon-n-Crockett Muzzleloader Club. 

All things pre-1840 fur trade era are to be found on this comprehensive site.  There are links to almost anything related to the time period.  The website has even had out-of-country hits and has a number of foreign fans.

Click  here to go to the Buckskinner Cookbook for recipes using bear, beaver, javelina, wild rice, muskrat, rabbit, raccoon, skunk and more.  (Yes, cookies too!)
Click here to check out the Language of the Rendezvous
Click here to explore the Almost Complete List of Muzzleloading and Buckskinning Links

The Book of Buckskinning Series is the place to go for everything you need to know to equip yourself to reenact the fur trade era.  Check it out here.

It is definitely not just about the guns.   We put the clocks and watches away and live by the sun.  We cook everything over a campfire that has to be started and kept going into the evening.  We sleep on cots in a large canvas "one-pole" tent with candle lanterns as our on lights once the sun sets.    We haul in our own water.  We have a block of ice for refrigeration.  Ah, relaxing . . .  Looking forward to getting back into "camp" mode, when this beautiful abundance of snow leaves.  For now, I guess I'll just look at the pictures and reminisce.    



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